Drivers risk lives by breaking the law

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Ignoring the rules of the road puts lives at risk – that’s Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership’s message after a survey revealed that more than two-thirds of drivers break traffic laws.

The research by road safety charity Brake also looked at the reasons behind the law-breaking. It showed that:

35 per cent of those of those surveyed break traffic laws because they believe they can handle it

33 per cent fail to follow the rules because they’re not paying attention

1 per cent say they know they’re taking risks, but do it anyway

Mike Ashworth, chairman of the partnership’s managing group, said: “It’s alarming that so many people are putting lives at risk by breaking traffic laws. The survey results reveal a road network where the majority of drivers are either over-confident or distracted.

“The only way to protect yourself and others is to obey traffic laws and give the road 100 per cent of your attention. It doesn’t matter how skilful you are – you will put lives at risk if you fail to follow the rules of the road.”

The Brake survey, which was supported by insurance company Direct Line, involved 1000 drivers across the UK.