Drivers warned not to give thieves a window of opportunity in summer heat


Police are reminding drivers to keep their vehicles secure even in the hot weather to stop them becoming an easy target for thieves.

Officers from Hathersage Safer Neighbourhood Team spotted several unattended cars with their windows wound down while out on patrol over the weekend.

They spoke with a number of drivers about keeping car security in mind when leaving their vehicles and are now urging more motorists to think about crime prevention.

PCSO Anthony Boswell, from the team, said: “It’s totally understandable that people don’t want to leave their car windows up when we have baking hot weather.

“But thieves are opportunists and if they see a window down far enough to reach inside and search for valuables, they won’t hesitate.

“Even if you’re just leaving your car for just a few minutes, make sure you wind the windows up enough so that criminals can’t reach inside.

“You should also store any valuables out of sight, in the boot or glove box, if you can’t take them with you.

“It only takes a couple of seconds to do that but could save a great deal of hassle.”

To speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood team or to report a crime, call 101.