Driving is of a poor standard

I have come to the conclusion that the driving standards in this county and possibly all over the country are very, very poor.

In the run up to Christmas, ladies of the household borrow the family car to go shopping. They can not see over the steering wheel, and you can tell by the way they drive that they drive this car once a year.

The 4x4 drivers are very aggressive in coming through.

As for the mulled wine, any time, this is a minimum of ten per cent by volume and could be stronger, together with the large glasses of wine at lunch time and evenings so could put drivers well over the legal drink drive limit.

Early morning drivers, from 5am till 9.30am in the mornings, overtake when dangerous to do so, such as on bends, racing one another on country lanes.

There is no regard for traffic lights or speed restrictions, as well as driving with faulty lights.

R. Spencer