Drugs lead to school bans in Derbyshire

Nuisance youths
Nuisance youths

One hundred and fifty-two Derbyshire pupils were excluded from school last year due to drug and alcohol misuse.

A further 33 pupils were excluded for sexual misconduct.

The figures, obtained through a freedom of information request, also show last year (2011-12) three teachers were also suspended due to sexual misconduct and so far in 2012-13 two have been suspended.

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire County Council said pupils are offered support with drugs and alcohol problems.

She added: “The support available depends on the circumstances for each pupil.

“We have staff in our multi-agency teams who offer help and support to students and their families if there are issues surrounding drugs and alcohol.

“Students can also be referred to a specialist service who offer advice on substance and alcohol misuse for under 18s.”

Each school has a drug and alcohol policy based on national guidance from the Department for Education and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

The policy gives guidelines on how to deal with drug related incidents and the schools’ drug education programme.

A council spokeswoman added: “If a student has an issue with drugs or alcohol then schools will normally find help for the student, support the family and do what they can to keep the student in education.

“Dealing in drugs is normally something that would lead to permanent exclusion.”

The council said that if any allegation is made about a teacher they take “immediate action and hold a strategy meeting.”

A spokeswoman said: “This process is led by our safeguarding team and involves the school headteacher or head of governors, HR staff, police and other agencies as appropriate.

“Usually the decision to suspend a teacher is made at that meeting – but the decision can be made before that meeting. The decision to suspend a teacher involves making judgements about the risk to students.”

In 2010-2011, 133 Derbyshire pupils were excluded for drug and alcohol misuse and 55 for sexual misconduct.

The highest number of exclusions for drug and alcohol issues was in 2008-2009 when 275 pupils were banned from Derbyshire schools.