Drugs warning after inquest into teen’s death

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The uncle of a Buxton man who died after taking drugs has issued a stark warning to other drug users.

Speaking after the inquest into the death of Dale Beever, also known as Dale Yates, Nigel Yates said: “To all you youngsters out there, don’t do it.

“He went out and had it large at Christmas and paid the ultimate price.”

Dale, 18, had taken a number of illicit substances in the hours before his death, but the level of paramet amphetamine (PMA) was enough to cause him to suffer a massive fatal heart attack, Chesterfield Coroner’s Court heard.

On December 22, 2012, Dale had been at the home of a friend in a flat on Eagle Parade, at around 6pm, later heading across the road to the New Inn pub where he played pool and had a few drinks.

He then went to another flat in Buxton where a “drugs party” was being held, taking drugs believed to be Mcat and MDMA, before returning to Eagle Parade.

He took more drugs, and during the early hours of the next morning returned to the drugs party where he consumed more drugs, the inquest heard.

Once he returned to the Eagle Parade flat, two people in the group complained of feeling unwell and left while Dale phoned a friend outlining his plans to travel to Blackpool to see his family later that evening.

“Dale then appeared to be asleep, however when attempts were made to wake him, he did not wake up,” Detective Sergeant Kevin Morrissey said.

Recording a conclusion of drug related death, Coroner Paul McCandless said: “What is truly frightening in this case is there is nothing unusual in a young man meeting up with friends, going to the pub, drinking alcohol and playing pool.

“We all have different types of routines and ones we can often look forward to.

“Where it takes a sinister turn is the ease with which people can then move on from such a normal run of the mill scenario to then being able to effectively go and with ease find not just a particular drug but any number of drugs, with them being of an easy and considerable supply at a particular address.

“There is no suggestion in any way that Dale intended to take his own life.

“He took an amount of PMA that was of such a level that after his death, when samples had been tested, the results have been consistent with a potentially fatal intake of that drug, quite apart from other illegal stimulants and so-called legal highs.

“He has quite literally diced with death as a result of being involved with taking these drugs.”