Drunken Cromford man fell under train

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NEWS: News.

A man ‘miraculously survived’ being run over by a train after falling drunk onto the tracks, a court has been told.

Derby magistrates heard how farm worker Stephen Richardson had been drinking all afternoon in Belper on Saturday, June 14, when he stumbled on to the line at the town’s railway station.

A train driver spotted the 41–year–old, of Willersley Lane, Cromford, lying in the middle of the tracks but was unable to brake in time and thought he had killed him.

However, Richardson was spotted staggering back to the platform unharmed shortly afterwards with grease marks all over his face and tee–shirt.

Having escaped death, he has now admitted causing an obstruction on the railway, which led to services being delayed by up to 79 minutes – costing the railway industry nearly £14,000.

Prosecutor Fiona Brooks, told magistrates at a hearing: “Miraculously for him he was completely unharmed.

“After the train had passed over him he got up and was able to make his way back to the platform.

“The driver was clearly shocked and concerned but he knew the train would not be able to come to a stop for three–quarters of a mile.

“He actually believed he had hit someone. He said he honestly thought someone had been killed.

“The defendant stated when he was subsequently spoken to by the police that he was in a drunken state.

“He didn’t recall going on to the tracks because of the amount of alcohol he consumed in the afternoon in the town centre.”

He was given unconditional bail and is due to appear before the court again on July 22 for sentencing.

Addressing the court, Richardson said: “It was a terribly stupid thing to have happened and I just want to apologise to anyone it could have 

Magistrate Guy Wildgoose, said: “The driver thought he killed you and we don’t know what effect that could have had.”