Egg crackdown to protect consumers

SHOPS and restaurants in Derbyshire are being warned to make sure the eggs they are selling and cooking with comply with the law.

Checks are being carried out by Derbyshire County Council trading standards officers alongside environmental health colleagues from district councils and the Egg Marketing Inspectorate.

Supermarkets, shops, restaurants and cafes will be visited during October and November to make sure that only eggs meeting ‘Class A’ standards are being used and sold.

Councillor Kevin Parkinson, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “Egg fraud has the potential to be big business and we are working closely with our district council colleagues and the Egg Marketing Inspectorate to protect consumers.”

Various techniques will be used to test eggs including shining ultra-violet light on the shells of eggs claiming to be free-range to see if they were laid in cages.

Lights can also be used to test the quality by checking air space – as older eggs have bigger air spaces.

Letters have been sent to all catering outlets in Derbyshire which are likely to use eggs to remind them of their legal obligations and advising what to look out for.