Eggs-ellent new scheme for Dales poultry keepers

A DALES food retailer has launched a forward-thinking new idea to produce a map of all egg-sellers in the Matlock area.

Online retailer DE4 Food launched the idea amid frustration that, as eggs sold in shops have to be date stamped and graded, it impossible for small scale producers to sell via retail outlets.

Helen Cunningham, of DE4 Food, said: “It will mean that people can pick up eggs on the way back from work, or on the way to school from small-scale local producers they might not even be aware of otherwise.”

If you have less than 50 hens and are selling surplus eggs direct to the public from your own premises then you come under the rules of the Farm Gate Sale of Eggs.

This allows unmarked and ungraded eggs to be sold from small flocks because the name and address of the producer is available at the point of sale and so allows traceability of the eggs.

To get yourself listed on the map visit or