Emma’s fundraising ball after near-death experience

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A young Matlock woman who suffers from Crohn’s Disease is organising a charity ball to fund research and better care services for others with the condition.

Twenty-six year-old Emma Whysall was rushed into emergency surgery with perforated bowels not long after being diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2015.

Emma, of Chatsworth Avenue, says her Crohn’s is now under control but she still takes medication daily for the condition - which causes abdomen pains, fatigue and loss of appetite.

She added: “People suffering with the disease can have embarrassing trips to the toilet, pain, uncontrollable weight loss, and fatigue.

“There are medicines to help with the symptoms but there is currently no cure.

“My experience was life-changing as I nearly died, so it was definitely as eye opener and once you are better you just don’t look at things the same.

“The little things in life just seem trivial.”
Emma’s Masquerade Ball will be held at Santo’s Higham Farm Hotel on November 11 from 6.30pm until late and will include welcome drinks, a three-course meal, a magician, live music and a DJ, a raffle and an auction.

Tickets cost £45 and go on sale at the end of the month. They are available by emailing emmawhysall2014@gmail.com.