Empty shops are not Costa’s fault

I am writing in reply to the letter from Phil Revill in your issue of January 24th and your headline “No need for another coffee shop”.

I fear that Mr Revill “doth protest too much”. 
The “loss of a retail unit” should be more correctly described as the rescue of a store which has lain vacant for far too long, the result of which has been that King Street has become a dead area as shoppers look elsewhere.

We all treasure the small shops of Bakewell but Costa cannot be held responsible for the premises already empty which were mostly not selling coffee anyway.

Mr Revill seems to suggest that all 19 coffee shops will be closed by competition from Costa.

The vast majority of these will be selling other types of food and drink as well as coffee.

Rather than cause them to close it is probable that Costa will bring more customers into the town once it becomes known that they have opened here.

John Robinson

Via email