180 litres of fuel is spilled at Chatsworth estate

The gentle parkland of Chatsworth was shaken yesterday when a double decker bus leaked 180 litres of diesel onto it.

The incident occurred on the B6012 road going through the country estate at about 1pm.

The bus came off the road, going over stones that pierced the fuel tank, causing the spillage.

Staff were quick to respond, as was a crew from Chesterfield Fire Station, which used an environmental grab pack to prevent further pollution.

Steve Porter, head of gardens and parks at Chatsworth, said: “There were some staff close by, they managed to contain most of the spillage.

“They dug a trench to stop it going further - it could have been much worse.

“It didn’t go into the water.”

He said the layer of soil affected by the accident has been dug up and removed form the site.

No one was injured and the firefighters left the scene at 2.07pm.