Councils don’t back Pickles’ weekly bin collection bid

NDET 10-9-13 RKH 21 Black bin
NDET 10-9-13 RKH 21 Black bin

A Government ‘bin bible’ pushing for weekly bin collections has been blasted by the waste industry, as councils confirm they wont be supporting the move.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has published ‘myth-busting’ guidance to demonstrate how councils can save money while increasing the frequency of the service.

But charity, Keep Britain Tidy have slammed the document as “weak” and “propaganda” as councils across Derbyshire have said they wont be following Mr Pickles’ advice.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s Cllr Chris Ludlow, executive member for environment, said: “The claims made by Eric Pickles to back up his demand for weekly collections are based on weak and inaccurate information.

“It wouldn’tbe possible to maintain the recycling rates that we’re required – and want – to achieve if there were weekly black bin collections as it would mean we would not then be able to collect the same amount of waste for recycling.”

She said weekly bin collections could push the council bill up from £1.4 million to £2 million.

Bolsover and North East Derbyshire district councils said they will continue with their current service in line with the needs of the area.

Bolsover District Council’s cabinet member for the environment, Cllr Dennis Kelly, said: “In essence, our residents receive a weekly bin collection of some sort, whether this is their black, burgundy or green bins.

“We have seen a 21 per cent reduction in black bin waste, which is now collected in the burgundy bins and a 20 per cent increase in waste collected through the green bins, so it clearly shows that the current system is working to great effect.”

Cllr Nick Foster, member for environment at NEDDC, added: “To revert back to weekly household collections would only encourage people to fill up their black bins which ultimately ends up at landfill and will be a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”