Quarry plan is unveiled

Plans for the rest of Cawdor Quarry in Matlock.
Plans for the rest of Cawdor Quarry in Matlock.

The next stage to transform a Matlock hillside into a mass of homes and businesses has been unveiled by developers.

Groveholt Ltd, which bought the land at Cawdor Quarry in 2000, has revealed how it plans to proceed in building 432 homes on the site.

Work is under way to complete the first phase of the development – Limestone Croft, which when complete will consist of 12 homes of varying sizes fetching up to £575,000 in price.

The next stage of the plan is the ‘green phase’, which will consist of 54 homes on a five acre plot in the site of the old quarry itself.

Before moving to this phase however, the developers must carry out vital remediation work – meaning they must make the contaminated ground safe enough to build upon.

Eifion Phillips, project director for the company, explained: “There are things like hydrocarbons in the ground – it was a public tip.

“It’s been used for 50 years as a dumping ground. Nobody knew what to do with it.”

He admitted that the developers can’t be certain what they will find when they start phase two, but said they would not be able to start it until they had sold all the houses at Limestone Croft.

“Before all of the houses in the first phase have been sold there is a planning obligation to remediate the next phase of five acres,” Eifion said.

“It is planned that this remediation work will take place during the summer months so that the site is clean of contamination and ready for development.”

The company plans to develop a total of 40.5 acres of land in 11 phases, comprising of mixed housing an business premises, the nature of which has not yet been outlined.

Of the 432 homes, only 32 are planned to be ‘affordable’ houses.

Eifion explained: “There are some affordable homes but not many.

“The reason for that it the amount of abnormal costs to develop this site.

“There has to be a lot of remediation work done.”

Due to the nature of the build, Groveholt Ltd is unable to say how long it will be before all of it is completed.

“It will take several years to complete the development, depending on housing demand but, eventually, the long terms aspirations of the local authority and developer to provide the majority of Matlock’s housing requirement on a reclaimed site adjoining the town centre, will be fulfilled,” Eifion continued.

One house at the Limestone Croft development has been sold to date.

Further information on the houses up for sale at the site is available by visiting the Fidler Taylor estate agent’s website www.fidler-taylor.co.uk.