Even my dog dived for cover

Wow – what an outburst from Cllr Cartwright in last week’s letters. He attacked everyone in sight. My dog dived for cover, afraid he might be next on Councillor Cartwright’s list.

A quotation from Shakespeare comes to mind, “he struts and frets his hour upon the stage, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (slightly shortened).

I hope you will allow me to comment, calmly, without raising my voice, on some of the nonsense Cllr Cartwright threw in my direction. He thinks I am “still smarting over particular decisions of the planning committee”.

If he had been on the planning committee for more than 15 minutes he would know that during my time as a Darley Dale Town Councillor I attended many planning committee meetings on their behalf, as well as several planning inquiries and local plan inquiries. Surprisingly, I’m not smarting over any of them.

He may be referring to the first planning committee he attended, when he had been on the council for all of five minutes. With all that experience he felt competent to decide what was needed in Darley Dale and he made a very forceful speech in favour of building a new estate on a school playing field in Darley Dale, well outside the settlement boundary.

He was also very happy for the District Council to accept £17,000 from the developer to enable the developer to get out of his obligation to provide play space and facilities on the new estate. By this means the developer will be able to squeeze three or four more houses on to the site, and the children of that estate will be condemned to having nowhere to let off steam.

I suggest that Councillor Cartwright concentrates on serving his own ward of Bonsall, Cromford and Matlock Bath and stops lecturing those who live in Tansley, Matlock and Darley Dale on what they need.

John Evans

Darley Dale