Ex-husband’s threats to kill wife’s partner

‘If you can’t be mine you won’t be anybody’s’ – a jealous man said after finding out his ex-wife had started to date a new man.

Lazar Ibishev, of Chatsworth Road, Buxton, made threats that he would kill the new partner of his former wife on June 21.

The 44–year–old pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message by public communication network when he appeared at High Peak Magistrates’ Court.

Laura Dyke, prosecuting, said: “The couple were divorced in 2008 and there are two children as a result of that marriage.

“The couple got back together around Christmas last year, but the relationship ended again in May.

“Since this time the complainant has started a new relationship.”

She said that on June 21, the defendant contacted his ex wife via her mobile phone, saying ‘this guy you’re going out with is going to die. I’ll kill him and end up in prison, I don’t care. If you can’t be mine, you won’t be anybody’s. Be careful what you do next’.

The complainant then returned a missed call from him later on.

“He said ‘think carefully what you’re going to do. It’s either me or him. He won’t be amongst the living much longer. I’m not threatening you, I’m threatening him,’” Miss Dyke continued.

The defendant, who works as a labourer, was arrested on June 22.

In interview, Ibishev told officers he had been drinking at the time of the incidents, having had two or three glasses of vodka.

“He indicated he never meant to carry out the threats, merely scare the victim,” Miss Dyke added.

James Riley, defending, said: “He found out through one of his children his wife had started seeing someone else and he acted poorly in drink and made some outlandish comments in a phone call.

“There was no substance to the comments made on the phone, they were just made out of distress, anguish and drunkenness.

“He deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to the police and he’s brought shame on his family.

“This is an act born out of drunkenness and immediately the remorse shown was evident.”

The case was adjourned for the preparation of a pre–sentence report and Ibishev will appear at High Peak Magistrates’ Court again on August 5.

He is on bail until that date with the condition that he has no contact with two named witnesses.