Ex-minister inspires pupils at Highfields

Former Education Minister and now Peer in the House of Lords '“ Baroness Estelle Morris '“ visited Highfields School in Matlock last Friday.

Sunday, 10th July 2016, 9:30 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:38 pm

She planned the visit to speak with GCSE and A-level sociology students about the importance of resilience in education.

Baroness Morris gave a speech about her own experience of education where she initially failed her A-levels but succeeded in her degree and ultimately achieved high office.

She linked resilience to the need to not give up your ambitions even if you have a set back.

It was also a timely reminder of the public service that politicians give to their communities in light of recent terrible events.

Head of Sociology at Highfields, Amanda Serjeant, said: “We were so delighted that Baroness Morris agreed to come and talk to our sociology students.

“Her speech about the need to look at students abilities outside exams fitted perfectly with our syllabus about reasons for achievement in education.

“She was inspirational not just about her own success despite setbacks, but in terms of encouraging young people to engage with politics.

“As part of the school’s commitment to educating youngsters’ resilience, Highfields rewards its students for work and behaviour showing the five R’s – resilient, reasoning, responsible, reflective and resourceful.

One student at the Matlock school added: “If I am being honest I wasn’t sure how the talk would help of impact us as students.

“But Baroness Morris was extremely engaging and informative. She has set a great example of how many options and routes there are for people of my age.

“It is nice to hear that despite her failing A-levels, she still went on to have a successful career. It gives us all hope at this stage of our lives, that anything is possible if we work hard enough.”