Extra support for food banks


The growing demand for food banks seen in Derbyshire has been confirmed by a national report published by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The findings back up Derbyshire County Council’s evidence that an increasing number of local people are now relying on food parcels.

DCC cabinet member for health and communities, Cllr Dave Allen, said: “This report underlines how many of our residents are struggling under the pressure of a national cost of living crisis.

“It’s appalling that in one of the world’s richest economies people are allowed to fall through the net of welfare support.”

DCC have recently handed out cash to county food banks to help them respond to the rise in demand.

Cllr Allen added: “We took this action to ward off a potential health crisis.

“As well as the extra money we’re also supporting appeals to encourage local people to volunteer at food banks and donate food and are arranging for some of our libraries to act as food collection points.”