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Jo Tromans said: “Was in the park yesterday morning around 10am and saw two drunks being rowdy. Such a great advertisement for welcoming people to Matlock. It’s great to see that Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Dales District Council are really tackling the issue – NOT! If needs be, get some CCTV cameras in there for goodness sake.”

Scott Parkes: “There’s a reason they call this town Smacklock.”

Stephen Cairns said: “There used to be drug and alcohol addiction unit on Bank Road, run as part of NHS Community Services, which closed a couple of years ago. This did a fantastic job of supporting those people in the local community with addictions to enable them to get themselves clean and stay clean. Personally, I think since the unit closed, the drug and alcohol problems have worsened and so has crime associated with them.”

Sarah Gamble: “How many Times do we have to report these problems before something is done? Why are the council and police not listening to us?”

Dan Hopkinson said: “So we have as usual the rose tinted view from the district council’s spin machine. I suggest they look closer: stabbings, assaults, drugs, alcoholics – all in their beloved park! I suggest they look closer, ask the residents of Knowleston Place and over the foot bridge about what actually happens, also the parents with young children who will not now go onto the park. It is happening and it is getting worse!”

Stephen Keane said: “It’s a total shame as Hall leys Park really is an asset to Matlock. Could the council put more lighting in the park and have more visible CCTV? If you give these people nowhere to hide, they will surely stop congregating in the park.”

Tanya Cantrill said: “Hall Leys Park is a stones throw away from the police station. Isn’t that what the police are there for?”

Donna Gregory said: “I think it’s a good learning opportunity for children: behave yourself or you’ll end up like that!

But seriously, something needs to be done to help them and the local community.”

Sarah Handzel said: “There is other places to sit drinking rather than in a child zone.”