Facebook friends’ anger at news Darley Birth Centre will close

The news that Darley Birth Centre is set to close has sparked an angry reaction from Mercury Facebook friends.

People logged on to have their say after NHS bosses announced the Darley Dale unit would shut on July 1 2012.

Jackie Gladwin said: “Oh how sad. I went there after my twins were born, it was chaos in Calow. They looked after all 3 of us really well. Well done everyone who works there, your patients appreciate you even if the NHS don’t!”

Jenny Thorpe said: “Aww that’s really sad! I was the 3rd baby to be born there! I had my booking appointment with my first in the room I was born in! Such a loss.”

Lori Holder said: “Not good. I’ve got to say the new birth centre at Calow were fantastic with me in July. My baby wouldn’t have lived if it weren’t for them. They are better than they were 5 yrs ago. It’s still a shame Darley are shutting as they were a great support to me through all my pregnancies !!!!”

Becky Pilkington said: “Such sad news. My son would have been born in the car if it hadn’t been for the Darley Birth Centre!!”

Emma Hawley said: “Such a shame, I don’t think the people who sit behind desks making these decisions know what the staff at darley actually do....the before, during and after care I received was absolutely fantastic....I cannot praise the staff there enough!”

Hannah Mitchell said: “Heart breaking and a HUGE loss to the next generations of mums to be in the area, Had after care after my first there and had my second there.... it was an amazing experience. I know this has been on the cards for a long time but this is a very sad time.”

Jenny Thorpe said: “Such a poor decision, I think if I was ever to have any more children it would be a home birth.”

Mike Blair said: “They will end up spending more money to provide a poorer service. That’s what you get when you have glorified accountants running companies. There are no redundancies, no service cuts so where do they save money? It’s going to be a few grand a year. Worth risking lives of unborn babies and their mothers........? I think not.”