Facebook friends comment on store

NEWS that Tesco could be coming to Matlock has sparked a dramatic reaction from Mercury Facebook friends.

Last week we revealed a developer with links to the supermarket giant was interested in building a major foodstore in Bakewell Road.

The story has sparked 70 comments on the social networking page with most people objecting to the plans.

Craig Cantrill said: “It’s a joke, we already have three supermarkets in the town its not big enough to house three.”

Andrew Yates added: “Why in God’s name would we want another supermarket? Matlock is fast turning into a retail graveyard.”

But Andrea Rawson said: “Competition would be good and I wouldn’t have to go to Chesterfield.”

Scott Lomax wrote: “People will moan and groan about Tesco just as they did about Sainsbury’s and yet the supermarket will be packed when it opens. If people really care about the supermarkets taking over then they should boycott them, but few will because they offer better deals.”