Famous fox Farley is missing - can you help?

A fox saved from starvation when an animal lover took him under his wing — and raised him like a pet dog - has gone missing.

Devastated owner Pam Makinson, of Birch Lane, Hollingwood, is appealing for information after Farley escaped from his enclosure during the stormy weather.

Pam, 30, hand-reared Farley after his mother abandoned him and said he would not be able to cope alone in the wild.

Ten-month-old Farley spends his days dozing on the sofa, snuggling up with Pam’s three dogs, playing fetch with his squeaky toy and tucking into his favourite meal of roast chicken.

But on February 3 high winds and rain forced open the door to his outdoor enclosure during the night.

Pam, who also has around 40 other pets including three dogs, five rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, tarantulas, a python, lizard and hedgehog, said: “I thought he wouldn’t have gone far as he is quite shy.

“He probably followed a scent towards the canal and got lost.”

She added: “He will not know how to hunt for himself and I’m worried he could get hit by a car.”

Cute Farley’s distinctive appearance with unusual white paws, saw him snapped up by national fashion brand Jigsaw for an advertising campaign.

Pam was approached by an animal agency and Farley appeared in an advert for the clothing giant.

Pam, a hair extensionist, said: “The shoot was on a military training ground in West Sussex. He was very good. He was just a baby then and much easier to control.”

She added: “I reared him from three-weeks-old. His mother was hit by a car and was taken to a rescue centre. She abandoned her cubs due to stress. His two sisters died but we managed to save Farley.

“He lives in the house most of the time but goes outside at night. I live my life around him. I’m generally up until 2am every day so I can have that interaction with him.

“I’d be absolutely devastated if he wasn’t found.”

Farley, who is wearing a black harness, was seen in Staveley last Thursday and in Brimington on Friday.

Anyone who spots him can call Pam on 07851713690.