Farmhouse breakfast week to get underway

As Farmhouse Breakfast Week gets underway next week, multi award-winning Peak District hotel and restaurant East Lodge is joining calls to recognise breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A healthy start, especially a traditional award-winning English one, is not to be missed.

East Lodge is supporting the annual HGCA (Home Grown Cereals Authority) Farmhouse Breakfast Week campaign, helping raise awareness of the health benefits of a nutritious breakfast for children and adults alike, urging people to make time for breakfast in 2012.

Research says there is a clear link between increasing numbers of us skipping breakfast and rising obesity levels in the UK, as people who don’t eat breakfast tend to eat more (often unhealthy food) for lunch and dinner. And, if you skip breakfast, you are statistically more likely to be overweight.

The importance of a good breakfast has long been recognised at East Lodge, and the hotel has back to back Kellogg’s breakfast awards to prove it. The Breakfast awards recognise hotels offering their guests a top quality breakfast, but consistently exceeding what would be expected just from an establishments star rating alone, with only the freshest ingredients used.

East Lodge has achieved this through its fish being supplied from the on-site smokery, and fresh, free range eggs courtesy of the hotel’s own flock of hens – collected and served on the same day they are laid; and pork is supplied courtesy of local Highfield House Farm.

“Farmhouse Breakfast Week is a great time to remind everyone of the importance of a nutritious breakfast to start the day, “ said Iain Hardman, Deputy Managing director of East Lodge. “This is particularly true for children and when this year’s Great Rowsley Menu gets underway; we will be encouraging the children to see the importance of enjoying fresh foods as a route to good health.”

Children and adults who skip breakfast are more likely to have difficulty concentrating and more likely to consume snacks high in fat, salt and sugar at other times during the day to compensate.

A traditional full English breakfast, cooked with fresh local produce, is a treat to savour and contrary to popular belief can be good for you. New research is showing there may be truth in the old adage of breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper, as enjoying a full breakfast sets you up for the day and of course gives you several hours to burn the calories off, as opposed to having a large meal in the evening prior to sleeping.

This is not to say that a ‘greasy spoon’ fry-up is the route to health – but if cooked correctly, a fresh English breakfast can be a healthy option. The health benefits of fresh eggs, beans and tomatoes speak for themselves and count towards your five a day – but as long as the sausage and bacon is of good quality, this can be fine too. Two good quality rashers of bacon can be enjoyed for as little as 107 calories and even less if you trim off the fat.

“We have always believed that a breakfast prepared with fresh ingredients is vital for children and adults alike and research is starting to back up these views,” added Iain. “Not everyone can enjoy a great East Lodge breakfast every day, but home or away, breakfast should never be off the menu.”