Fate of Matlock club is hanging in the balance

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A meeting is being held to determine the fate of a club that has been in Matlock for more than 90 years.

Some members of the United Service’s Club have called the special meeting next month in reaction to the recent sale of the club’s former premises, in Crown Square.

The Princess Buildings, in which the club was housed, was sold at auction in May this year, however some members claim the sale went against club rules.

Ray Hoff, a lifetime member of the club, said: “We want the members to have a say as to whether they want the old committee who has sold the premises, or whether they want a new committee – one that will work on behalf of the club.”

It is his hope that if a new committee is elected, it will be able to freeze the money from the sale of the property and keep it from going through.

John Nicholson, the club steward, has argued however that the decision to sell was made fairly by the club’s committee with the backing of its members.

He said the money from the sale would be used to settle some of its debts and the remainder would go to club funds.

The meeting will be held in the Imperial Rooms, in Imperial Road, at Matlock, at 10.30am on October 7.