Fears over estate agent still remain

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Despite sending assurances that letters would be collected weekly and debts paid quickly, many people are still struggling to reclaim money they believe estate agent Helen Gregory owes them.

In early November the Mercury revealed that a number of tenants and landlords were having difficulty contacting Beechwood Property Portfolio owner, Helen Gregory, and were fearful they had lost thousands of pounds.

In the wake of that story, Ms Gregory sent a letter to the Mercury assuring that people could still send letters to the former Beechwood office address in Matlock – which is now M for Mobility – and that she would be collecting them on a weekly basis.

But a call to the M for Mobility shop manager revealed that Ms Gregory had not once been to the store personally and had instructed staff, by letter, to forward mail to flats above the shop.

However, the tenant of 63a has claimed that Ms Gregory is not collecting mail from the upstairs flats either.

She said: “Last Saturday [December 15] none of the letters had been collected and its been like that since M for Mobility came. But all the mail that had been there before they moved in was posted through to the flats too.”

She added: “It’s at the top of the first stair with letters for her last time I checked.”

Speaking with affected tenants and landlords goes some way to confirming the claim.

James Grant, of Matlock, hand-delivered a letter immediately after Ms Gregory sent her assurances in November but has heard nothing from the estate agent since.

Landlord Jill Boaxhall, of Cressbrook, added: “I’ve sent [Ms Gregory] a dozen emails and two letters but since September we’ve not been able to reach her.”

On the Mercury’s Facebook page Ray Cherry reiterated: “I’ve emailed, rang and posted letters about my deposit after she reassured me it would be put into the DPS but still no reply.”

The Mercury tried relentlessly to get a statement from Ms Gregory but could not make contact with her.