FEATURE: Perfect way to decorate windows before Christmas

Feature by Karen Rogers.
Feature by Karen Rogers.

These pretty paper snowflakes are the perfect way to decorate your windows

this year and keep the little treasures busy making them too!

To make them all you need is paper, a pencil and a sharp pair of scissors (not for

the really little ones to use obviously). I used standard A4 copier paper to make the ones shown but little people may find it easier with wrapping paper as it isnot as thick so easier to cut. As you can see from the photos, there are a wide range of designs that you can create with simple shapes and cuts. Take your paper and create a simple square then fold it corner to corner diagonally. Fold it in half diagonally twice more.

Then simply draw you design onto the paper ready for cutting out. Think about the fact that the corner with all the folds will be the centre of your snowflake and take care to cut through all the paper layers. Once you have finished cutting you are ready to do the exciting bit and open out your snowflake. You can stick them to your window with bluetack or you can use a needle and thread to hang them from your windows, ceilings or anywhere else you can think of.

Top tip – Avoid chopping all the way through an arm (your snowflakes not yours!) and loosing part of your snowflake. Trust me from personal experience this is really annoying when you have spent ages cutting out a detailed design!

Keep getting creative, Karen Rogers, Straight Curves Crafts x