FEATURE: Welcome to Bonsall’s hotel for posh pooches

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Any passionate pooch owner will tell you that booking a summer holiday can present a world of problems.

Whether it’s hours on the laptop frantically looking for pet-friendly accommodation, numerous awkward calls to your friends and family, to would-be dog-sitters or – worse case scenario – putting your ‘little baby’ into the unfamiliar surroundings of the local kennel, the stresses can be endless.

But Abi Wagstaff Elliott might just have the perfect solution for hound-loving holidaymakers: send your dog on a luxurious get-away too.

This month Abi’s Bonsall home was officially recognised as a dog hotel. And not any old hotel, Waggy Tails offers its residents a “unique luxury dog boarding service”.

“The dogs that come here have an absolutely great time,” said Abi. “Our rooms have cosy beds, comfy sofas and every dog has its own television. In fact, our rooms are as good, if not better, than a human hotel room,” she added.

Aside from swanky rooms and the stunning Derbyshire Dales setting, though, Waggy Tails residents also are treated to regular walks, grooming sessions, quality home-cooked meals and are free to enjoy the hotel gardens as they please.

Abi, who runs the hotel with husband Craig, said: “We have a very special little dog of our own called Sunny and he really is my best friend.

“I know how much I miss him when I have to leave him so I aim to give the owners complete peace of mind.

“We do this by sending the owners emails and videos to show what their dog has been up to on their holiday,” she added.

Abi has always had a passion for animals and enjoyed riding and working with horses from a young age.

“After training as a dog groomer I soon discovered there was a need for luxurious boarding so that owners who did not want to put their dogs into normal kennels could be catered for,” said Abi.

“I didn’t go on holiday for 11 years when I got Sunny as I couldn’t find anywhere I felt good enough to leave him. So I started my own dog hotel to give dogs a lovely happy holiday,” she added.

To find out more visit www.waggytailsboarding.co.uk.