Feelings run high on river

Mr Zamoyski’s attempt to distil the raging opposition to his scheme as the ‘scaremongering’ of a single interest group is just about to backfire on him. Fishing in the form we know it today started in Bakewell over 140 years ago. Those fish that swim in the river, which inconvenience his silly scheme, are the product of good management and years of hard work by those who care deeply about the river.

Everyone who knows a fisherman will understand they are the eyes and ears of the river, reporting pollution, providing statements, taking samples and surveying the insect life so threatened by his plan. All of the fish that are caught are returned alive and unharmed. Did you know it was the fishermen who forced Severn Trent Water to upgrade the sewage works in Buxton, making summer bathing through the recreation ground so much safer for our children and grandchildren? Did you know the keepers have provided free fishing and tuition to the children of Bakewell for the past 20 years?

Did you know that visiting anglers stay at hotels and B&Bs in the town, eat at our restaurants and cafes and their families shop while they fish? It is not just anglers who stand in their hundreds against him now.

Richard Ward