Feline fugitive reunited with owner after ten years

Tigger, back after ten years wandering
Tigger, back after ten years wandering

A couple were delighted to be reunited with their pet cat – ten years after it ran away.

Mark and Lisa Taylor were devastated when one–year–old puss Tigger disappeared on the day they moved from their former home in Dales Road, Matlock, to their current home in Pinxton.

The furry fugitive escaped from a washing basket as Mark attempted to carry him to the car alongside his brother, Simba.

“We grieved for him when he went missing. We are both cat–lovers,” said Mark, a property developer.

“We went back to look for him numerous times.”

One night Mark even thought he saw the black cat running across Dale Road, but wasn’t able to find him.

The couple gave up hope of ever seeing their beloved moggy again, until they received a call out of the blue from Peak Vets in Starkholmes, saying Tigger had been found and identified using his microchip.

“They found him on an allotment and he’d been attacked by another animal,” Mark explained.

“To have someone tell me he was still alive was amazing.”

When Mark went to pick Tigger up, he was slightly feral, however he is now settling into his new home with his family.