Final whistle threat as club faces closure

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A historic youth football club make be forced to fold because of a huge struggle to attract managers and coaches to run the teams.

North Wingfield Colts FC, which is currently based in Holmewood, fear if new volunteers cannot be found the club will have to cease operating after season.

The club is an iconic part of the community and has provided competitive football for local children for more than 30 years.

The committee has given a guarantee to players that they will have a club to play for next season but due to a shortage of funds and coaches, it may not continue the following season.

The side, which plays its games in Rowsley and District Youth Football League, has the potential for up to ten teams but a lack of manpower means they only have two at present.

Leanne Hayward, a volunteer at the club, said: “There are many children within the community showing an interest in joining the club however we cannot help them and it is heartbreaking to turn them away.

“Due to only having two teams our funds are also low, therefore we are struggling to advertise for new managers and committee members.”

Club secretary Mandy Matthews said losing the club would be a huge loss to the community and impact on many youngsters.

She added: “If the club was to fold, children and young people looking for local football would have further to travel to play.

“Other than the Scouts, our club is the only other organisation offering local children something to do in the community.”