Find another use for Lido

Isn’t it about time our council stopped spending and wasting such large amounts of our money on hairbrained schemes.

It seems to me that we don’t use what we already have, before spending vast amounts of money building something new.

We already have a perfectly good car park behind the Co-op store, so why not extend it over the present Lido site using the existing entrance and exit.

You may say ‘what do we use the underneath for?’ Well it could be used as an unloading bay like under the present Co-op car-park for the shops that back onto the Lido site. This would free up Bank Road and Crown Square from large vehicles trying to unload. It would also allow smoking areas for patrons from the betting shop and the public house, moving them, and stopping them using and standing on the public thoroughfare.

While I am in writing mode, I would like to say, being one of the few that still prefers to use the A6 to come into and through Matlock, why does the council still allow cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles to drop off, load and unload between the hours of 8am and 6pm?

This blocks up the road, which in turn slows down and sometimes stops the through traffic. It was said at the time that when Sainsbury’s were allowed to build and put in the new road, that it would free up the through traffic, well it would, if we did what most other town’s and cities do and stop all loading and unloading between the hours of 8am till 6pm.

Ray Williams