Fine culprits leaving mess

On reading (Matlock Mercury) of the plight and frustration of a Matlock mother and her two children who constantly face the awful dog mess left on the streets because of inconsiderate owners, I felt I must write to further highlight this anti-social concern.

Here in Wirksworth this has become an almost daily hazard for our residents with hot-spots around The Hannages, and paths to the rear of Nether Gardens. We have had poster campaigns, provided free poop scoop bags and had numerous dog waste bins erected by the district council and still we have irresponsible owners negligently allowing their dogs to foul public spaces. Not only is it smelly and unsightly, it is a positive health hazard particularly to young children often unable to avoid the mess.

What I find doubly frustrating is that we have scores of DDDC posters out around our district indicating that fines of up to £1000 may be given to dog owners who allow this, but despite my numerous questions and prompts to the district council, they are seemingly unwilling to bring about the legislation that will allow support such fines to be levied.

Therefore, no one has ever been fined in Derbyshire Dales nor likely to be at present.

It is the Derbyshire Dales District Council who are the responsible authority for street cleansing and the removal of dog waste, but now I hear not only are no more collection bins being erected, but neither will there be any additional collection should parish or town councils purchase them.

My constituents are quite rightly fed up with this situation, dog owners do need reminding and education has a role to play, but without draconian measures like fines and name and shaming this problem may be with us for a long time.

Cllr Mike Ratcliffe