First signs of snow for the Dales

THE first flurry of winter fell on the Derbyshire Dales this week, but fears that temperatures would plummet like last year are so far unfounded.

Many woke to a thin layer of snow on Monday morning, and sleet was reported this morning. It caused slow-moving traffic on some of the roads including those around Crich and on the A632 at Slack Hill, where one or two cars had endured minor collisions caused by the icy surface.

But forecasters predict that temperatures would not drop to anywhere close to those experienced last year, when it plummeted to -15c.

It is predicted that the weather will continue to hover around freezing point during the night as we get closer to the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Matlock branch of the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) is offering advice on driving snow and ice.

If motorists must get behind the wheel, they are being advised to not ignore police warnings about specific routes, to make sure all windows are clear, and that all snow is scraped from the roof.

Don’t driver too fast or too slow, which can cause a loss of momentum and cause the tyres to slip.

Start gently from stationary, avoiding high revs, and stay in a higher gear for better control. If the car does skid, take your foot off the pedals and steer.

Only use the brake if it is not possible to steer out of trouble, and double or even triple your normal stopping distance.

Keep track of where you are so if there is a need to call for call for assistance, you need to be able to tell the breakdown or emergency services your location.