Fit and healthy teen’s sudden death tragedy

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A TEENAGER died of Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome, an inquest has ruled.

Richard Hill, 14, of Hathersage, was found by his mother collapsed over the bath at his home in The Crofts on August 27.

During the hearing at Chesterfield coroners court on Tuesday, his father Malcolm described how Richard was a fit and healthy teenager who loved sport.

He said had been out all day with friends on his scooter and had gone for a bath after tea when his mother Nicola noticed he was unusually quiet.

Mr Hill added: “Nicola shouted to me to go upstairs. When I got upstairs Richard was slumped over the bath and Nicola had her arms under him and had pulled him out of the water. His hands were blue.

“We laid him on the floor and could see he was not breathing,”

The family desperately carried out CPR but Richard was pronounced dead at Sheffield Children’s Hospital the following day.

Pathologist Dr Mudher Al-Adnani said Richard was found slumped over the bath with his head under the water.

He added: “He was a healthy young man who never complained of any problems.”

Dr Al-Adnani said all organs were normal and there were no signs of a virus or infections. He added: “The most likely cause of death is cardiac arrhythmia. “This condition can lead to sudden collapse when the heart suddenly stops, something goes wrong with the electrical activity of the heart,.”

Coroner Dr Robert Hunter said: “Richard was not known to suffer from any major medical conditions and no cardiac problems were diagnosed in childhood.

“He was physically active and liked sports and there was no history of shortness of breath.”

He added: “I would suggest he had a sudden cardiac event that caused him to slump in to the bath.

“Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome has only really been recognised in the last ten to 12 years and unfortunately there are no tests that can be done when someone has died.”