FLOOD WARNING for motorists in Derbyshire


Fire and rescue teams are warning motorists about the risks of driving through flood water after a number of Derbyshire roads are experiencing flooding today (January 7).

Following another heavy downpour of rain currently affecting the county, many of the roads are expecting flooding.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding drivers of the dangers and risks associated with driving through flood water.

Motorists are being reminded that ‘Road Closed’ signs are in place for a reason, and they should not be ignored - and insurance companies may reject claims for damage to cars where drivers have ignored ‘road closed’ signs.

Station Manager Adam Hind said: “We have been to a couple of incidents this morning where we have had to rescue drivers from their cars which have been stranded in flood water.

“Motorists should take responsibility for their own actions and not take the risk of driving through flood water.”