Fly-tippers are not facing prosecution

Fly-tippers in the Dales continue to blight the countryside - and they are getting away scot free.

There were more than 150 reported cases of rubbish being dumped in one year - but there was not one prosecution and not one enforcement action taken by the council.

Between April 2010 and March 201 there were 151 reported cases of fly-tipping, which cost Derbyshire Dales District Council £11,922 to clear up.

However, during that time there were no enforcement actions taken out and no prosecutions made by the council.

The figures were revealed after a Freedom of Information request by the Countryside Alliance.

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire Dales District Council defended the figures. She said: “Through the District Council’s effective actions, the Derbyshire Dales has one of the lowest number of fly tips in the county and we’re working in a variety of ways to bring down the numbers still further. This includes stop and search operations and use of media, including mobile CCTV.

“All information received from the public is actioned and where reliable evidence is compiled we won’t hesitate to take enforcement action.

“The level of resource we put into fly tipping is proportionate to the scale of the problem.

“The rural aspect of the Dales means we do not have regular hot spots as some authorities do, so it’s no surprise that the number of prosecutions we are able to make is low.

“That’s because we can only prosecute where the evidence is strong enough, which relies largely on reliable eye witness reports or our mobile CCTV.

“That’s why we strongly urge anyone with any information about fly-tipping to contact the District Council on 01629 761212 or email

“There’s also a 24-hours online reporting option at”

Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “Fly-tipping blights our countryside – ruining the beautiful views for which Britain is rightly famous, endangering wildlife and habitats and costing the taxpayer millions of pounds to clear up.

“The coalition Government promised to end this scourge when they published the Waste Review this summer. This is a promising start, however they need to work closer with cash-strapped local authorities to tackle this blight.

“Fly-tipping is a crime that perpetrators can get away with. We need a co-ordinated plan which ensures people who fly-tip are caught and punished and provides greater support to local authorities and landowners who bear the brunt of the cost of clearing up the mess.”

n Contact the newsdesk on 01629 762131 if you spot any fly-tipping in the Dales.