‘Flying Mile’ smash a year after tragic crash killed two teens

A crash involving 12 people happened on a stretch of highway dubbed ‘death road’ – a year after two teenagers died in a crash at the same spot.

Four people were taken to hospital after a four-car collision at Spancarr crossroads, Ashover on a part of the A632 Matlock Road also known as ‘the flying mile’.

Crews had to cut a woman out of one of the vehicles following Saturday’s smash, which comes after Connor Short of Ashover and Liam Chapman of Clay Cross, both 16, died there in September 2012.

Connor Short’s father, David Short, was also killed on the same road in a crash on Christmas eve, 2004.

Now road safety campaigners are calling on Derbyshire County Council to improve the safety of the road.

Becky Carline, who set up a petition in the wake of the tragedy, said: “It is only a matter of time before somebody else dies there. There have already been too many deaths.

“I drove past the accident on Saturday and they looked so shaken up.”

More than 400 people have signed the petition in the last year to get the council to implement traffic lights or a roundabout at the junction.

Sarah Short, mother of Connor Short who died in last year’s crash, said: “It is absolutely devastating. Heartbreaking.

“One or two people have suggested having speed cameras on the approach to the cross road.

“I don’t know what can be done because of the speeds that people are going down there.”

Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership said they have been 63 injuries along the A632 between Belond Lane and Slack Lane in the last decade.

A spokesperson added: “We’re always happy to listen to any concerns that residents may have.

“When Derbyshire County Council receive the petition, we’ll consider the proposals taking into account information from our partners Derbyshire police about what caused the crashes at the site.”

The petition will be put to the council at the end of this month.