Former DJ left paralysed after freak fall at hotel

Jeremy Revell
Jeremy Revell

A former Matlock DJ had to undergo emergency surgery after a freak accident left him temporarily paralysed.

Celebrity agent Jeremy Revell who represents many of the UK’s lead soap stars, was attending a function at the Lancaster Hotel, in London, when he slipped and fell, trapping both both his legs under his body.

“I thought I had broken both my legs,” said Jeremy 47, who grew up in Birchover and was DJ for more than 15 years at many Matlock venues before retiring from the Pav nightclub when it closed.

Paramedics rushed Jeremy into the University College Hospital in London where he underwent scans which showed he had torn both muscles and tendons in both thighs temporarily paralysing his legs.

He was transferred to Chesterfield Royal Hospital and underwent an extensive emergency operation on Saturday to reconstruct his upper legs.

He is still unable to walk and Jeremy will now have to undergo 12 weeks of intensive physiotherapy.

He said he was looking forward to returning to work as soon as he is able.

His company Revellation Limited recently supplied stars for the new jet2 advert and Diet Coke commercial.

Jeremy said he wanted to thank all his friends and family who have been so supportive following the accident.