Former Highfields pupil’s amazing world record bid

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A former Highfields School pupil is to attempt a world record by running 360 miles continuously, with absolutely no breaks – not even to sleep!

Will Wragg, who now lives in Brisbane with his wife Zoe, is originally from Lea and will attempt the mammoth challenge – the equivalent of roughly 14 marathons – in just 65 hours.

Last year, the athlete completed 50 marathons in 50 days successfully, running a marathon every single day starting in November and finishing early December.

Through this he raised an impressive $11,000 for his chosen charity, Young Care.

Will said: “Well, the 50 marathons, enjoyable as it was, truly helped me to learn about myself, my body and running it didn’t touch my boundaries and my limits. I know this challenge will be the closest thing I could ever get to and out-of-body experience and that I find challenging and exciting, yet daunting.

“Could I fail? Definitely. But every amazing challenge has an element of doubt or, it’s not worth doing. I want to be an adventurer and want to show how far the body can go and what we can achieve. To do this I’ll be locking in to the running theories and philosophies of old.”

The charity Will is running for is Red kite, an organisation that supports cancer patients and their families throughout their health struggles, providing them with all that they need.

The inspiration for running the challenge came from a close friend of Will’s called William Smailes, who is going through his second bout of chondroblastic osteosarcoma.

“Even though I’ve only met Will a handful of times, at parties, and through friends, I was instantly inspired by him,” said Will.

“Despite his illness, William Smailes is totally positive about life – he makes a Labrador puppy seem glum and depressing. His take on life is incomparably positive so, when I heard about his condition I felt incredibly upset.”

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