Free travel could be cut


No doubt many will disagree, but I write to support Mr R Smith, in his suggestion that Gold Card holders should be willing to revert to half fare travel to help save our bus services.

As a non-driver who has always relied on buses to maintain much of the work I have done, as well as other interests and activities, I have repeatedly put forward to various bodies, including our MP, the practical sense of restoring the concessionary fares as opposed to wholesale free travel as a means of keeping the buses going. It might also take the pressure off those with families who have to bear the brunt of every increase in fares when chances are we over 60s could afford them far more.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the fun days out. Both before I ‘came of age’ and since, I found great enjoyment in working out how many places I could get to on a Rover - later Zig-zag ticket, which helped to make the event more satisfying for me. There is much truth in the maxim that if something’s worth having its worth paying for!

If there must still in some people’s eyes be ‘free’ travel, let it be just local, and in line with, for instance, the TV licence - even 75 is no age these days when we can boast the oldest man in the county in our midst.

Patricia Batstone

Meadow End