Fresh produce at Calke Abbey

People are being invited to see the fresh, crunchy, tasty crop of fruit and veg growing at Calke Abbey.

Garden visitors can admire the fantastic selection of runner beans including traditional favourites Daniel’s Defiance and Painted Lady as well as Early Warwick French beans and Bull’s Blood beetroot.

Courgettes, potatoes, swiss and ruby chard and ripe, plump Brandy Gage plums promise to make your mouth water.

Steve Biggins, head gardener at Calke Abbey, said: “The fruit and vegetable garden is one of the loveliest parts of Calke Abbey. It’s great to nurture the crops each year - even though they are on a mini-scale. This really is the good life through and through.”

Calke Abbey’s Stableyard Restaurant uses the garden’s fresh herbs every day to season the home-cooked food. The aroma from the kitchen makes it difficult to resist the daily menu choice which is based on locally sourced produce.

If there is any crop to spare, visitors can also have the occasional opportunity to buy a small selection of fresh produce and an honesty box collects donations to help with future mini harvests.