Fresh Start sweeps board in Darley Dale

Fresh Start candidates swept the board in the Darley Dale Town Council elections.

And there were no seats for the three Liberal Democrats standing.

In the North ward, Fresh Start candidates Samuel Bettany, Di Cliff, Paul Diggle, Philip Dodds, Kathleen Dyson, Joanne Nuttall, David Oakley.

Lib Dem candidates Robert Aspey, Sally Shaw and Laura Weatherill were left disappointed.

In the South ward, Fresh Start candidates Anthony Brookes, Andrew Bullock, Rhiannon Kennion, Darren Nuttall and Ingrid Pasteur were elected unopposed.

Councillor Di Cliff has been elected to the Town council for the first time. She said: “I’ve only just found out, because I wasn’t at the count. I’m very happy.”