From novice to champ in one year

THIS time last year, Jamie Williams had never ridden a motorcycle before.

In the 12 months that followed, though, the nine-year-old trounced the competition in six rounds of heats to become the British Youth Trials Champion.

Jamie, who rides under the name ‘Jimbou’ in honour of his trials riding hero Tony Bou, said: “It was a really good feeling to win the competition because I’ve been practicing so hard for it.”

The reason for the youngster’s success could in part be explained by his obvious dedication to the sport – Jamie practices every night and is competing most weekends – but it could also be explained by his devoted family.

In pursuit of the championship Jamie’s mum, Claire McDowell, and step-father, Thomas McDowell, have travelled to Devon, Scarborough, Vale of Towy, Northumberland and Bradford.

The dedicated parents even took the step of transforming their back garden into an obstacle course for Jamie to practice on at home.

“Well, it used to be the football pitch before he got into riding and we’re happy to support him,” said Claire.

Jamie got inspired to try trial riding after his family went to watch a national competition in 2011.

“I thought it looked like good fun and I wanted to try it,” said Jamie.

Just to be sure it wasn’t a ‘fad’, step-dad Thomas went out and purchased the youngster a cheap motorcycle to play around on.

“He picked it up so fast, though, and was on it every night so we soon bought him a decent bike,” said Thomas.

After one lesson with Dales trial rider John Gregory, Jamie was advised to enter the nationals.

Since then the youngster has earned himself a haul of trophies and medals and has made his family proud by becoming the leading talent in youth trials.

Jamie said: “I just enjoy riding with my friends and love the parties at the end of the three day competitions.”

l How far would you go to support your child’s ambitions?