FULL MOON to light Christmas skies in Derbyshire for first time in 38 years, NASA confirms

 Full moon Thursday August 26th''Bob Porritt'
Full moon Thursday August 26th''Bob Porritt'

Derbyshire skies will be lit up by a full moon for the first time in 38 years on Christmas day this year.

At 6.11am on December 25, a full moon will reach its peak in the UK’s skies.

And NASA has confirmed the phenomenon will not happen on Christmas day again until 2034.

The December full moon is known as the ‘Moon Before Yule’ - or the ‘Cold Moon’, as temperatures plummet at this time of year.

Earlier this year, skywatchers across the county also witnessed the super blood moon light up the skies.

Scores of people woke up in the early hours of the morning to view the rare, bigger and brighter ‘Super Moon’.

This took place when the Earth crossed between the Sun and the Moon in a total lunar eclipse, which caused the moon to appear a deep rusty red colour.

This was the first moon of this type for more than three decades and it won’t be repeated again until 2033.

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