Furry fiend ransacks Bakewell well dressing

squirrel theif
squirrel theif

A Squirrel has been spotted stealing materials from the well dressings displayed in Bakewell.

Children, parents and church members were puzzled by the repeated disappearance of some of the materials that made up the well dressing in All Saints’ churchyard.

Children from BakewelI lnfant School and the Junior Church had worked hard to illustrate the miracle of Jesus calming the storm.

The children are always very proud of their board as only they are allowed to fix the different natural materials to the clay. Adults are allowed to watch, and sometimes to make suggestions.

So when cranberries kept disappearing from the 2012 date, and pumpkin seeds from one of the stormy waves, it was pigeons and not children that were suspected.

But now a holiday maker from Hampshire has sent the photographic evidence that the pigeons, as well as children, were innocent.

Next year any natural materials that are also edible are likely to be out of reach of animal kingdom members.