GAME REVIEW: Titanfall

Respawn Entertainments and Electronic Arts’ new fast paced multiplayer first person shooter

offering Titanfall is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride you won’t want to get off when you play that

Titanfall game

Titanfall game

first match. Its smooth and exciting with lots to keep your finger on the trigger however it does soon

lose that charm when you realise you have unlocked everything

Even though Titanfall is primarily a multiplayer romp, it does have a campaign which is nothing more

than quite nice looking cut scenes and narrative in between a series of multiplayer matches. The IMC

and the Militia fight for resources in the Frontier however both factions fight for different reasons.

The Militia want to use them for colonial survival but the IMC want them for business, and so a war

ensues between the two. Battles are fought on different planets in the frontier and are assisted by

the use of huge mech fighting robots called Titans.

The story isn’t a bad one and it’s nicely pushed forward by the use of FMV sequences at the

beginning and end of each match mixed up with audio briefings and narration. It’s all forgettable

though as Titanfalls story won’t matter once both the IMC and the Militia campaigns are completed

however an incentive to complete both are unlocking the Ogre and Stryder Titan chassis.

Pilot load outs are similar to Call of Duty’s load out system however there are no kill streaks, instead

a constant countdown is present which documents the imminent launch of your beloved overgrown

mechanical mate. As well as enemy Pilots and Titans, Grunts litter the playing fields which are easy

kills that do nothing but help the countdown speed up.

The game mechanics are identical to Call of Duty however Pilots are a lot more nimble and

manoeuvrable. You can wall-run, mantle any ledge and sprint infinitely which flow spectacularly

making you feel more like a ninja than a soldier.

The only difference in both the versions of Titanfall is the graphics, the Xbox 360 version has lower

resolution smudgy graphics and rougher edges and the draw distance detail isn’t half as pretty as the

more powerful Xbox One but not once does the action let up. Respawn have done an astounding job

at keeping the action fast and smooth that never chops up no matter how hectic things get and even

though the resolution is lower, the action will be so fast on screen to really care. Titans are great

to watch in action as well as pilot and each of the 15 maps is nicely designed ranging from urban

playgrounds filled with buildings, to a seaside village.


Titanfall is a superb experience even though it’s short lived by the lack of match and weapon variety

and match types. The main gameplay is an adrenaline fuelled fight for dominance with the help of

your Titan which is in itself not only a sight to behold but a joy to play as. It’s a definite buy for any

Xbox owner, next generation or current.

• Titanfall

• Developers: Respawn Entertainment

• Publishers: Electronic Arts

• PC

• Xbox One

• Xbox 360

• Genre: FPS

• Release Date: 11th

• Story – 4/5

• Gameplay – 5/5

• Graphics – 5/5

• Overall – 5/5

March 2014