Gas restored to more than 200 properties in Derbyshire town as major operation continues

Engineers have restored gas to more than 220 homes and businesses in Wirksworth as they continue a major operation to pump thousands of litres of water out of the town's gas pipes.

Gas supplies were lost to more than 900 properties on Tuesday after a burst water main flooded part of the gas network.

A major operation is currently taking place in Wirksworth.

A major operation is currently taking place in Wirksworth.

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Darren Elsom, a director at gas company Cadent, said: "It is great that we've been able to restore gas to around a quarter of properties affected and we'll keep going on Friday - and into the weekend - to get everyone safely back on.

"We are drafting in extra engineers from a wide area and just ask that you bear with us, we'll get to you.

"It will be a tremendous help - and will definitely speed things up - if residents can make sure they either stay in or, if they need to go out, plan for someone to have a key so we can get in.

"The response from everyone in Wirksworth has been nothing short of amazing.

"From simply being patient and understanding, to generosity in providing food and treats for the teams, you would not believe how grateful we all are.

"Thank you."

At 11.30am on Friday, a spokesperson for Cadent added: "Engineers are currently turning gas supplies back on in the following streets in Wirksworth: Derby Road, Greenhill, Harrison Drive Market Place and The Dale.

"It is very important that you do not try to turn the gas on yourself.

"We are asking people to please make arrangements for someone to be at home.

"Alternatively, if you need to go out, leave a key with a friend or neighbour and let us know by calling 0345 835 1111 or come and see us at Wirksworth Town Hall.

"You can also direct message us via our Facebook group.

"You may notice that gas is available in a neighbouring street but that does not mean that we are ready to put yours on yet.

"We are restoring the gas in sections.

"We need to be satisfied first that all the water has been removed from the pipes which feed your property.

"We will then send a qualified engineer to turn your gas back on and make all the necessary safety checks - this is why we need you to be home.

"All our engineers carry identification.

"Please ask to see it before letting anyone into your home."

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