GCSE RESULTS DAY: Wirksworth celebrates ‘outstanding’ results

Anthony Gell School students celebrate their GCSE results.

Following the excellent A level results last week, it is now the turn of Anthony Gell School’s Year 11 students to celebrate their examination results.

A very large number of top grades were achieved by the students of this popular school, with English and Mathematics leading the way.

Anthony Gell School students celebrate their GCSE results.

In total, thanks to the tremendous efforts of a large number of students and staff, the GCSE results this year have surpassed those achieved in 2016.

The school has shown a marked improvement in recent years on the number of students achieving five or more GCSEs at A*-C which include English and Maths.

In 2015 this figure stood at 58%, after a 10% improvement in 2016, the 2017 figure has reached a very impressive 75%.

The new ‘harder’ GCSE exams in English and Maths in 2017 proved not to be a stumbling block for the Year 11 students at AGS, as results in both of these key subject areas improved.

Anthony Gell School students celebrate their GCSE results.

In Maths, 84% of the Year 11 at AGS achieved a ‘standard pass’ (equivalent to the old grade C) which was a 10% increase from 2016.

In English this figure reached 86%, compared to 71% the year before.

The school is also very pleased with the number of students achieving the new higher threshold of what the government are calling a ‘strong pass’ in both English and Maths.

64% of students are celebrating this morning after achieving a Grade 5 or better in both English and Maths.

The new GCSEs also saw the introduction of a ‘Grade 9’ which is expected to be achieved by only 3% of students across the country in 2017.

The percentage of students achieving this highest grade at AGS is 6% in Maths and 7% in English.

The high level of achievement at AGS does not stop at Maths and English, with impressive results being seen across the wide range of subjects offered in this school.

With an average grade of B or higher, students who studied Art, Biology, Chemistry, French, Geography, Media Studies, Music, Physics and Science are celebrating this morning.

Boys’ results in 2017 have been particularly pleasing and compare very favourably with the excellent results achieved by the girls at AGS.

Anthony Gell School pride themselves on being inclusive and providing a learning environment in which all can achieve.

The school is therefore justifiably proud of the fact that students from differing backgrounds and of different levels of ability achieved very well.

These very impressive GCSE results mean that there is expected to be a further increase in the number of applicants for Anthony Gell’s Sixth Form in 2017.

Headteacher, Malcolm Kelly, commented “It’s so pleasing to see so many young people celebrating with their friends, teachers and families after collecting results that they should be very proud of.

“I’m happy to say that the changes imposed by the government in the way GCSEs are taught and examined have not adversely affected the students who are collecting their results at AGS today.

“The staff have responded very well to the new demands of GCSE and by focussing their teaching and support in the right areas, they have been able to assist this group of very talented students to achieve even higher grades.”

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