Geoff still sings after 75 years

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A Wirksworth man is singing in celebration of his 75th year as a member of St Mary’s Church Choir.

Geoff Kirk, of Willowbath Lane, joined the choir when he was just 10 years old.

On that fateful day in 1937, the youngster’s father, Harold Kirk, was involved in a terrible train crash, which killed the driver.

To take his mind off the tragedy, Geoff’s mother sent him along to the rehearsals.

“I’d been going to Sunday school since I was three years old, so I was a church child,” He recalled.

After months of recuperation, Geoff’s father made a full recovery from his ordeal, having been cared for at Wirksworth Cottage Hospital.

Geoff continued to go to choir practice and was choir master for many years

“I have always been an entertainer and I always used to sing,” the 85–year–old said.

“It’s the love of singing that has kept me going and being a strong church man all my life.”

Geoff went on to work for John Smedley’s as a chemist and technologist.

He married his wife Cathleen 59 years ago and they had a son together, Phil.

To celebrate his years of service, the choir held a party for him after rehearsal last week and Geoff gave a solo performance in the church on Sunday.