Get bins emptied on right day!

I am sure that you will been inundated with issues regarding the new recycling processes in Derbyshire.

My new bins were delivered, without a supply of bags.

I emailed the waste management site and receiving a reply apologising for the error but unfortunately several days later I still haven’t received the bags.

My bins should have been emptied on Wednesday 10 October.

I rang to report the problem on Thursday, October 11th, along with a lot of my neighbours, and as of Saturday 13 October the bins haven’t been emptied. Why?

I can accept that there might be teething problems but if the council is wanting people to embrace the new way of waste disposal then it has to work well.

I am all for doing whatever is required for the environment but at the same time, if we have to put up with bins that are very unsightly being situated at out premises then surely we should expect that they are emptied on time on the due date.

A local resident.

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