Get our voices heard

I agree with all the concerns published in the Mercury regarding the proposed retail development on Bakewell Road.

I find it very disappointing that Matlock DDDC Councillors Geoff Stevens, Jackie Stevens & Barry Tipping voted yes to a large supermarket development (1.5 times the size of Sainsbury’s) by giving Henry Davidson the preferred developer status for this site .

The developer ‘s submissions are available for inspection at DDDC Offices , contact Paul Wilson to arrange a viewing.

I have done just that and what I have seen horrified me, but due to copyright restrictions from the developer and pointed out to me by Paul Wilson I cannot describe or print copies of what I saw.

I would strongly recommend you look for yourself, and perhaps contact your Matlock DDDC councillors to express your concerns and views.

The greater the numbers making their views known directly to the councillors the more likely they will listen.

I believe the scheme in the developers submission does not match up to the publicly agreed Supplementary Planning Document .

This document details what the Matlock public , in conjunction with the DDDC , wanted to see on this site , and it should be implemented fully as per the public’s wishes.

I agree with Councillor Bob Cartwright in his proposal , ( last weeks Mercury) , to co-opt representatives of members of the Matlock public, Civic, Town and Market Traders Associations , to work with relevant Council Members & Planning Officers.

Its the ONLY way we can get our voices heard by the DDDC and ensure effective influence is bought to bear on future decisions resulting in a development that is appropriate for all in Matlock !

Waiting for a public consultation I believe, will be ineffective and useless as by then the crucial decisions will have been made.